» Knowledgeable soil fertility consultants who know farming and rural life inside out «

» Precise, no-obligation soil audits «

» Custom blends of specific mineral and organic materials to suit the unique needs of your farm «

» Highly skilled truck drivers in modern, purpose built trucks and trailers «

» We work in with ground spreaders and aircraft pilots to get your fertiliser delivered at the right time for you «

» You only get ONE account for both fertiliser and cartage together «

» Our approach is based on the Albrecht-Kinsey system of soil fertility, backed up by 80 years of science «


Custom made soil fertility solutions

Kiwi Fertiliser recognises the big picture. We know that soil fertility is not about selling products the fertiliser companies produce. It is about meeting the exact requirements of each property, or parts of properties. We listen to you, and create tailor made soil fertility solutions to suit your needs. We work exclusively with Kinsey Agricultural Services (KAS) of Missouri USA with soil audits conducted by Perry Agricultural Laboratory, also of Missouri.

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How it all works

Our team of talented soil fertility consultants are well educated in their field of expertise, and are all from a rural background, or currently farming themselves. Our recommendations are based on achieving top producing pastures, crops and animals. There is no guessing involved. It is precise and it delivers superior results. The expertise behind our company is considerable.

When you request a no-obligation soil audit, this is how the process works:

1. Your consultant will start by listening to you and finding out exactly what it is you are trying to achieve.

2. Precise soil tests will then be conducted. We work exclusively with Kinsey Agricultural Services of Missouri USA with soil audits conducted by Perry Agricultural Laboratory, also of Missouri. Kinsey Agricultural Services (KAS) specialises in building and maintaining soil fertility for optimum quality and yields. The soils’ needs are determined by a specific set of tests that may differ from other labs, but are based on mimicking the plants ability to extract nutrients from the soil. Any soil test result can be converted to a recommendation, but the most accurate, leading to highly repeatable and excellent results, come from KAS.  To see samples of reports from PAL and KAS, see below.  To learn more about why we exclusively use PAL and KAS, and what exactly the reports from each of them show us about your farm, please check out this article.

3. Based on the results from KAS, your Kiwi Fertiliser consultant then recommends a custom blend of specific mineral and organic materials to suit your property’s requirements. These recommendations are completely obligation free, so you can consider your results and the recommendations we make before deciding if this course of action is right for you.

4. At your go-ahead, we get your custom blend ready and delivered to you. We use highly skilled truck drivers in modern purpose built bulk trucks and trailers, equipped with cross lock differentials and central tyre inflation with great traction for getting into difficult back roads and airstrips. Our drivers are experienced and skilled in both on road and off road driving, guaranteeing we get your fertiliser into your bin, not near it or around it, on time and intact. We work in with ground spreaders and aircraft pilots to ensure on time delivery of fertiliser when weather permits so you are ensured of great service from Bulk Store to farm.

5. We build the cartage content of our delivery into the fertiliser price, which means you only get one account for your fertiliser and cartage cost altogether, making life simpler and easier for you. Our general manager Ron McLean has a lifetime of experience in the road transport industry delivering fertiliser and lime to farms and airstrips throughout the North Island of NZ, which is why he decided to include cartage as a service from store to farm into our programme.

6. Your consultant continues to provide advice and guidance as needed, working alongside you to solve soil fertility issues, leading to increased pasture production, better drought performance and superior animal health over time.   

Sample Soil Reports

Click here to see a sample of a lab report from Perry Agricultural Laboratory. 

Click here to see a sample of a report from Kinsey Agricultural Services. 


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At Kiwi Fertiliser we understand that every hectare, every farm and every farmer is unique. That is why we soil audit and make up custom blends to suit that particular soil type.

We work with all farmers and growers

We have responded to a continuing trend of declining results, particularly with pastures, kiwifruit and avocados, however the work we do is not limited to these crops as our programme works with all crops, trees and vines.

“The race to the bottom” is a lousy goal. Our goal is to change agriculture in New Zealand for the better. We know how to, and are producing nutrient dense pasture, crops and food fit for consumption by animals and humans.

The Albrecht/Kinsey system of soil fertility provides the results to previously unknown answers, we work with great clients who want to join “The race to the top”.


Neal Kinsey, who we work with for our soil sample reports, has more than 30 years of field experience. He has been working with growers in all 50 U.S. states and more than 70 countries around the world, balancing and maintaining the soil to obtain quality crop production.

Product Analysis

We regularly analyse the products we use to ensure we are selling only quality products. – Click below to find out more:

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